Positive Thoughts On Photography

It is very common to promote and sell physical products through the use of photography. We understand that the average consumer’s attention span is indeed limited. In addition, it is known that very often the average individual needs to be exposed multiple times to something before they actually pay some attention to it. When this happens, they will consider purchasing it at some time in the future. Photography that is of a low -quality is not going to catch the intended’s eye and thus the opportunity to sell them is going to be lost completely.

A great deal of time and effort is put in by marketing executives to come up with the ideas to create the very best product advertisement for an Underground in London poster, a sign billboard and of course, a glossy magazine. It is the job of the photographer to fashion the best manner possible to represent the ad executive’s ideas and visually capture that same sense.

It is either on a real image that product photos are based, or on a graphical artist’s creation in an effort to accurately show the appearance of the product. Whether it be that can of Coke featuring the icy water bead dripping, or that perfume bottle less the reflection caused by the lighting, both require a starting point that is real.

The real work begins after initial ideas have been explored and considered. This is the time when the products are made to look their best and made to please the consumer products company. That icy water droplet down the chilled can of Coke standing on a clean background fashions the marketing image which is truly perfect and makes those seeing it decide to get their thirst quenched immediately.

The point and it’s target audience is best captured in a stunning way when the perfect image is combined with other elements such as a lovely typography with a visual style matching the product. There is never any doubt that a picture is worth a thousand words!

It truly does take knowledge, skills and an intense passion for the work to properly create a marketing image and best represent a brand and the products it offers. And because companies will not get a second chance to impress, nothing short of excellence is acceptable.

The truth of the matter is that getting things right the first time is of paramount importance because customers lost by negative efforts the first time will typically not be won back in subsequent efforts.

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